So winter is just around the corner here in New Zealand. Which means crappy weather, short days, and SNOW!!! Can’t wait.

Disillusioned with Facebook

Like more than 400 million other people on this planet, I belong to a little site called Facebook. I was what you might call an “early adopter”, at least in New Zealand. I joined when the site was only open to university/college students (requiring one to have a university email to register). I believe it had been running for a couple years before they added New Zealand universities to those eligible for registration.
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Some ConsoleWrapper changes

Have spent a bit of time working on ConsoleWrapper today: Fixed a major memory leak that was causing memory usage to climb indefinitely, until it caused ConsoleWrapper to crash. This was obviously a Bad Thing™. Memory usage now sits at a comfortable ~24MB on startup, and doesn’t increase significantly with use. Added a new built-in command (i.e. that doesn’t utilise CMD) for viewing images inline within ConsoleWrapper. Usage is VIEW IMAGENAME, where IMAGENAME is a valid image path.
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Rant on TelstraClear

I feel the need to document my frustrations with my ISP, and rant to noone in particular. My blog is a good place to do so. Here goes.
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Are awesome.


Just moved into a new flat. It’s pretty great (and my new room is like 3 times the size of my old one), but it’s going to take a week for our ISP to transfer our connection to the new address. Which means I’m limited to going online at work, and I’m going a little bonkers not being able to go online at home. In other miscellaneous news, summer is wrapping up, which means that in about 3 months the ski season will be starting again — can’t wait!
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Recently, I have been playing around a bit with some old ray tracing code, converting it to C# and making it threaded. I’m also using it to explore miscellaneous graphics and 3D concepts. Most recently I’ve implemented supersampling anti-aliasing. Here’s a recent render: (Click through for full size). It’s a little unclear, but it’s a number of perfectly reflective spheres hovering above a green plane, being imaged from above. There are several bounce iterations, two light sources, and full specular shading/shadows.
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A week in the life of Tom

Have been feeling a weird urge to design something lately. This was what I came up with. Open to ideas for things to do next. Click through to see full size. Addendum to key: PHOTOSHOP — 2 HOURS.


Christoph Waltz took home the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Well deserved. Inglourious Basterds was the best movie of 2009, in my humble opinion.


Watching Baraka again the other night inspired me to give some timelapse photography a shot with the 500D. Here’s the result: Shot out my bedroom window at around 9pm, using a 2.5s exposure every 5s. 600 total shots. Worked pretty well, I think!