I’ve finally decided on a platform/framework for Money Mouth. I was tossing up CakePHP, Django, and Ruby on Rails, and decided to go with something else again: Pinax.

Pinax is a framework upon a framework, effectively. It is built as an additional layer above Django, that adds many niceties out of the box, such as email verification, profile management, login/registration, OpenID support, user messaging, groups, wikis, blogging, etc etc. I have a basic structure in place that currently displays a plain home page, and allows login/registration. Hopefully using Pinax will allow me to quickly develop and extend Money Mouth when I actually sit down to write the meat of the code.

I also set myself up with a nice little deployment script on my WebFaction hosting for pulling down the latest copy of my code from SVN, which should save me additional time.


Well, my¬†last post somewhat inspired me to revisit the theme for the Money Mouth. I’ve now added another page, and added a bunch of JavaScript, such as for logging in, and when hovering over pools and pool options. Check it out!

Hopefully if I keep this up, I’ll be inspired to write some actual code…


So a while back I purchased the domain, with the idea of starting a new website project – and even got to the point of bashing up a quick theme for it… But then I promptly forgot about it and didn’t do any actual coding. I do recall looking into which platform to implement it in – tossing up between CakePHP and Django, but that was about it.

And now… Now I’m not sure if I’ll ever be bothered to do anything with it. If I haven’t started coding come the time when the domain expires, I might just let it go. I just didn’t get inspired enough to start implementation. I think I need a really fresh, engaging project to start on. Open to ideas.

Initial Money Mouth design

Have bashed up a quick static HTML page for an early Money Mouth design.

This is probably not how the final version will look (unless I get too lazy); and even this design needs a lot of work (I was intending to create some nice JS rollovers etc), but I was quite happy with my ability to fairly closely turn the initial mockup into tidy HTML/CSS.

Here it is. And here’s the original design image that it was based from, for reference. Unfortunately I used a font which is not readily available on PC systems, so Arial Narrow is used as an approximation. I do not intend to use any sort of text replacement for this site, although I may use @font-face for compatible browsers.

New project!

Finally decided on a website project – Money Mouth. (Currently just a placeholder page).

When complete, it will be a “betting pool” application (for fake money, of course!). Basically, users can create pools with several options that others can place bets on, and the total pool is divided among those selecting the winning option. Pools can be about anything and everything, and will likely be community regulated (for example, creating a popular pool will net you some of the winnings; and falsifying the winning option will result in you getting a bad rep).

If you have any cool ideas around this project I’d love to hear them!