So a while back I purchased the domain, with the idea of starting a new website project – and even got to the point of bashing up a quick theme for it… But then I promptly forgot about it and didn’t do any actual coding. I do recall looking into which platform to implement it in – tossing up between CakePHP and Django, but that was about it.

And now… Now I’m not sure if I’ll ever be bothered to do anything with it. If I haven’t started coding come the time when the domain expires, I might just let it go. I just didn’t get inspired enough to start implementation. I think I need a really fresh, engaging project to start on. Open to ideas.

Rant on TelstraClear

I feel the need to document my frustrations with my ISP, and rant to noone in particular. My blog is a good place to do so. Here goes.



Just moved into a new flat. It’s pretty great (and my new room is like 3 times the size of my old one), but it’s going to take a week for our ISP to transfer our connection to the new address. Which means I’m limited to going online at work, and I’m going a little bonkers not being able to go online at home.

In other miscellaneous news, summer is wrapping up, which means that in about 3 months the ski season will be starting again – can’t wait! This year a few of us are planning a week-long South Island trip, which should be totally epic!

These are a few of our favourite things

Some of my favourite random websites from around the interwebnets:

Exactly what they sound like

People I like

Wow, that list is sort of pitiful. More to be added when I remember them?

Pirates are customers too

If anything, the music industry should have more respect for file-sharers, as they are their most valuable consumers. They are ahead of the curve and actually leading the way for the future of digital music, buying more digital music than anyone else. It’s the music industry that has to change, not the other way around.

TorrentFreak outlines how, once again, the music industry is overstating the piracy “threat”.