Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” Update – Hidden features

So Mango has finally shipped, and I’ve been able to install it on my phone. I’m loving a bunch of the new features, especially:

All of these (and many more features) are great, but what I’m especially loving is how many of my little “niggles” have been dealt to, without me even asking! Here’s a list of some of the smaller changes that I’ve noticed so far, but that probably wouldn’t make it into a press release:

This is a fantastic update that tackles a variety of problems with the original platform – both large and small.

However, even after all these great updates, I am still left with just one question;¬†Why, oh why aren’t there bus directions in Maps?! I can get walking and car directions, but no bus. The ONE TIME I typically want to catch a bus is when I’m out and about, and only have my phone available. This is a HUGE oversight, and I was disappointed to not see it fixed in Mango.

Apple: A hate story

To date, I have owned two iPods: An iPod video (5th Generation), and an iPod Touch (2nd Generation). I am going to start this post with a disclaimer: I like many things about my iPod Touch. It is lightweight, has a good battery life, and does most of what I need from it. Apps are cool too. If given a choice, I would probably buy it again, and when I get another MP3 player, there is a good chance it will be another iPod.

That said, I have some major gripes with iTunes, and to a lesser extent, the iPod. Here they are, in no particular order:


Just moved into a new flat. It’s pretty great (and my new room is like 3 times the size of my old one), but it’s going to take a week for our ISP to transfer our connection to the new address. Which means I’m limited to going online at work, and I’m going a little bonkers not being able to go online at home.

In other miscellaneous news, summer is wrapping up, which means that in about 3 months the ski season will be starting again – can’t wait! This year a few of us are planning a week-long South Island trip, which should be totally epic!

A week in the life of Tom

Have been feeling a weird urge to design something lately. This was what I came up with. Open to ideas for things to do next.

Click through to see full size.

Addendum to key: PHOTOSHOP – 2 HOURS.


Christoph Waltz took home the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Well deserved. Inglourious Basterds was the best movie of 2009, in my humble opinion.