Without further ado…

I present: Scenic Squirrel! A new photo taken by me is uploaded every day! Subscribe and stuff. I’m intending to use this as my main photography site now, so soon you’ll start seeing pics that don’t appear on my Flickr. Enjoy!


Are awesome.


Watching Baraka again the other night inspired me to give some timelapse photography a shot with the 500D. Here’s the result: Shot out my bedroom window at around 9pm, using a 2.5s exposure every 5s. 600 total shots. Worked pretty well, I think!


I’ve always been interested in photography. I can remember getting my hands on my first disposable camera (which I promptly filled with photos of my cat), to my first film camera when I was about 8, and my first crappy digital camera at around 15. From the very beginning, I had a tendency to try to capture the world around me in unusual or interesting ways, where most people would be just taking snapshots of people.
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