Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” Update – Hidden features

So Mango has finally shipped, and I’ve been able to install it on my phone. I’m loving a bunch of the new features, especially:

All of these (and many more features) are great, but what I’m especially loving is how many of my little “niggles” have been dealt to, without me even asking! Here’s a list of some of the smaller changes that I’ve noticed so far, but that probably wouldn’t make it into a press release:

This is a fantastic update that tackles a variety of problems with the original platform – both large and small.

However, even after all these great updates, I am still left with just one question;¬†Why, oh why aren’t there bus directions in Maps?! I can get walking and car directions, but no bus. The ONE TIME I typically want to catch a bus is when I’m out and about, and only have my phone available. This is a HUGE oversight, and I was disappointed to not see it fixed in Mango.