Dark Visual Studio 2010 theme

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Looking for a refreshing change in colour? Getting sick of coding against that glaring white background? Look no further!

I’ve decided to upload my Visual Studio 2010 Fonts and Colors settings for public consumption. The colour scheme is loosely based on the Railscasts TextMate theme. Here’s a couple of screenshots to give an idea of appearance:

Dark Visual Studio 2010 theme /2010/07/theme-1.png Dark Visual Studio 2010 theme /2010/07/theme-2.png

(Click to view larger).

To install:

  • Download the theme settings file.
  • In Visual Studio 2010, go to menuĀ Tools -> Import and Export Settings…
  • Import selected environment settings
  • I recommend you save your current settings — just so you can revert them later if you don’t like the theme!
  • Hit Browse… when asked to specify a collection of settings
  • Make sure that everything is ticked to import, and hit Finish

By default, the theme uses Consolas size 12. You can adjust these settings easily by opening menuĀ Tools -> Options and finding the Fonts and Colors section under Environment.

Note that Visual Studio is a prick, and has something in the order of 100 different colours that can be set. I have only set up colours for things that I am commonly doing, such as coding in C#, HTML, or XAML. Every now and then you might come across a colour that looks funny against the dark background. This can of course be modified by hand in the Color settings by tracking down the appropriate item in the colour list.