I’ve finally decided on a platform/framework for Money Mouth. I was tossing up CakePHP, Django, and Ruby on Rails, and decided to go with something else again: Pinax.

Pinax is a framework upon a framework, effectively. It is built as an additional layer above Django, that adds many niceties out of the box, such as email verification, profile management, login/registration, OpenID support, user messaging, groups, wikis, blogging, etc etc. I have a basic structure in place that currently displays a plain home page, and allows login/registration. Hopefully using Pinax will allow me to quickly develop and extend Money Mouth when I actually sit down to write the meat of the code.

I also set myself up with a nice little deployment script on my WebFaction hosting for pulling down the latest copy of my code from SVN, which should save me additional time.

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