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For a long time, I’ve been interested in software development and computer programming. At some point in my mid-teens I worked out that I could get paid to write code, something I already enjoyed doing. It was from this time that I had vague aspirations to move overseas and work at a large software organisation, and even back then, the first one that always came to mind was Microsoft.

Those aspirations had always been in the back of my mind, while I worked on my Bachelor of Engineering, and worked at Canary. After an initial application attempt to Microsoft in 2008 that was thwarted by the recession, I decided to prepare my CV once again at the end of last year (2009). Without much further thought, I submitted it to Microsoft. Then about a month ago, I received an email that I was to be having an interview over the phone. As far as I could tell, this phone interview went atrociously, but contrary to my expectations I received an email a week later detailing plans to fly me over to Sydney to interview in person with a few recruiters. I arrived back from said flight this morning.

Long story short, I will be moving to Microsoft’s Redmond HQ in Seattle, USA. This will be taking place in late September.

This is pretty much a dream come true, and I’m stoked to actually be seeing those aspirations from so long ago become reality. I have long said that I would not be looking for another job in New Zealand, and I have truly enjoyed my time working at Canary. However, the opportunity to be able to work in another country and see some more of the world was simply too great to pass up. I believe that I will also find more room for personal growth and career advancement in a larger company. By the way, quick plug for our job ad, if you’re a software developer in Auckland.

This change is not without its drawbacks, and I will miss much about my life in New Zealand, not the least of which being proximity to family, and the friends that I have grown close to in Auckland over these last few years. I will miss you all like crazy. I hope to have a blast with my last few months in New Zealand (let’s hit the snow!), and no doubt I’ll be spending the majority of my annual leave here (New Year’s anyone?).

Keep an eye out for some sort of leaving party!