Some ConsoleWrapper changes

Have spent a bit of time working on ConsoleWrapper today:

Click through to see full size. As an aside, looking at that less-than-savoury edge antialiasing, I’m kind of tempted to implement some AA. An easier way would be to just put a black border into the texture though. Maybe something for next update.

Also evident in this screenshot, is the new feature whereby strings are rendered as individual letters, each letter being a sprite. Unfortunately, this means kerning is lost, and the string renders with significant whitespace between each character. This is something I am working to fix, but seems to be related to .NET’s Graphics library overestimating font sizes when performing a MeasureString operation.

Using sprites has also seemed to result in sub-par performance (i.e. lower performance than the old method of using pre-rendered full string textures), and I’m not entirely sure why – it was meant to increase performance, if anything. This is especially noticeable when rendering large swathes of text, such as from a DIR command on a large directory. Definitely something else to work on improving and optimising.

Note that I haven’t put out a compiled release of this yet, but the latest source is available as always on SourceForge.

Update 27th April: Here is a video showing the latest changes (including a fix to kerning problems):

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  1. Brad says:

    Hey man, I remember you working on this back in the day, good to see it’s still coming along. Looking good 🙂

  2. Tom says:

    Cheers Brad! Yeah, it’s one of those projects I dust off every 6 months or so, heh.

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