Recently, I have been playing around a bit with some old ray tracing code, converting it to C# and making it threaded. I’m also using it to explore miscellaneous graphics and 3D concepts. Most recently I’ve implemented supersampling anti-aliasing. Here’s a recent render:

(Click through for full size).

It’s a little unclear, but it’s a number of perfectly reflective spheres hovering above a green plane, being imaged from above. There are several bounce iterations, two light sources, and full specular shading/shadows. Notice the non-jagged edges (indicating that the antialiasing is functioning as intended).

Here’s a closer view with some additional stochastic anti aliasing:

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  1. Euan says:


    Great work here, I like your images and am amazed you could do that with RayTracing.

    Check out my site if you have time one day, it has lots of 3D graphics and images: http://www.digitaleuan.com


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