Rediscovering dance

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… Dance music, that is. For most of my life I have had a strong ear for dance music. I would sit in front of my stereo for hours on end with the radio going in order to hit record on a tape deck at just the right time to get such gems as Robert Miles — Children and Eurythmics — Sweet Dreams captured for my listening pleasure. I actually listened to a few of my tapes a few years back, and one of them literally had Children on it 4 times in a row. That’s dedication right there.

Since then, I’ve gone through lots of dance music listening phases, usually centering round one particular genre at a time. In roughly chronological order, there has been:

  • Hard trance
  • Psytrance
  • Hardcore
  • Happy hardcore
  • Trance/progressive
  • Electro house
  • Drum and bass
  • Breakbeat
  • Dubstep

(Among others…) In each case, there is a period where I listen to nothing but that genre, and then eventually get a bit bored/tired of it and stray back into my wider collection for a while. Dubstep has been the latest genre to re-ignite my interest in dance music. It’s a fast developing genre, that is really starting to come into its own. It reminds me of when I originally got into drum and bass, with a similar sound that is somehow still fresh and interesting.

I think my passion for dance music largely centres around its ability to take me to another place for a while. It provides me a sort of escapism, if you will. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of turning up the volume on a stomping tune and closing your eyes for a minute or two to let it wash over you and push everything else out. Pure, unadulterated music indulgence. Love it.