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I’ve always been interested in photography. I can remember getting my hands on my first disposable camera (which I promptly filled with photos of my cat), to my first film camera when I was about 8, and my first crappy digital camera at around 15. From the very beginning, I had a tendency to try to capture the world around me in unusual or interesting ways, where most people would be just taking snapshots of people. I even largely taught myself all the basic principles of photography, from aperture, to film sensitivity, to exposure time.

Of course, there is only so much that you can do with a basic digital camera, and the more I saw amazing photography around me, the more I wanted in on the action. I had all the knowledge I needed, but I didn’t have a camera good enough to apply this knowledge to. And so recently I purchased myself a Canon EOS 500D with a basic kit zoom lens. I’ve been going a little crazy taking photos of anything and everything, and having a blast doing so. It’s also amazing for taking photos in low light at BBQs, parties, and the like — when I can be bothered carrying it.

I may well end up uploading a few photos here from time to time.