These are a few of our favourite things

Some of my favourite random websites from around the interwebnets:

Exactly what they sound like

People I like

Wow, that list is sort of pitiful. More to be added when I remember them?

Pirates are customers too

If anything, the music industry should have more respect for file-sharers, as they are their most valuable consumers. They are ahead of the curve and actually leading the way for the future of digital music, buying more digital music than anyone else. It’s the music industry that has to change, not the other way around.

TorrentFreak outlines how, once again, the music industry is overstating the piracy “threat”.

Christmas has not been kind

Yesterday I went for a swim for the first time since Christmas. The last time I went (on the 21st December), I managed 1200m, with a time of 22 minutes to swim the first 1000m. Yesterday I could only manage 1000m, and it took me 24 minutes. So I lost two minutes and 200m… Christmas lunch was not kind on me.

Note that the above times are pretty slow – I take lots of little breaks as I swim; I’m still not fit enough to go non-stop for more than about 400m. On the plus side, this means I still have plenty of room for improvement! Watch this space etc.

<3 Summer

Just got back a couple of days ago from another epic beach Christmas/New Year. And tomorrow I’m flying down to Christchurch for a week-long road trip. I <3 summer. Catch you on the flipside.