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When I was growing up, a significant amount of my time was spent in a pool. In fact, I trained every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a long time. On each of these days I’d swim 2-3km+. And I was pretty young at the time — didn’t have long adult arms to help me get through the water. However, after breaking my collarbone and moving to Auckland at 13 years old, I never really got into it again in the same way.

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty unfit, and it has kind of come to a head with snowboarding this year. While I had a blast and was generally able to last out a weekend relatively intact, I would always be pretty exhausted at the end of it. I tried going for a run once or twice this year, but generally gave up as it was hell on my knees; especially since my left knee hasn’t been quite right since I injured it. I’ve also tried going to the gym in the past to work on my knee and generally improve my fitness, but without fail I never managed to make it last.

And so I’ve decided to try giving swimming a go again.

I went last week and managed to pull off a massive (not really) 0.5km of laps, and so I’ve used that as a fitness benchmark. I went again last night and went 600m. I’m aiming to add 100m every time for the next 5-10 swims at least. I’m aiming for 3 nights a week. With any luck (and a lot of determination), I can hopefully match the stamina of my 13 year old self! If nothing else, it should hopefully improve my fitness (and help me drop the beginnings of a beer belly), help me sleep better at night, and generally feel better about myself.

I shall be posting an update here and there; watch this space!