It’s been a while since I made a post about piracy and my thoughts on the subject, and it’s a subject I have some pretty strong opinions about, so here goes.

I am firmly of the belief that the large production and distribution companies that are getting riled up the most about piracy are either completely out of touch, or are approaching the topic purely from a standpoint of minimising financial loss (not directly reducing piracy per se), neither of which should be surprising. Unfortunately the end result of their actions is that they have created something of a “war” between the corporations and the pirates, as it were. Allow me to elaborate. There are a few key factors I see as being major contributors to the current situation. I believe that in many ways, these have only served to worsen piracy, instead of the alleged end goal of reducing it.

This is going to be a long post, so… (more…)

Project “writer’s” block

So I’ve recently been trying to think of a good idea for a pet website project, and drawing a complete blank.

I’m looking for a simple concept that will be effective and clever, but hasn’t already been totally overdone. Preferably with a social aspect to it. I’ve been thinking about this for a good few weeks, and still haven’t come up with anything worthwhile. Ideas welcome.


I’ve recently been playing around with yet another new theme for tom.net.nz. Said theme will be extremely minimal, with no graphics, and only uses colour, layout and typography to be attractive and readable. As part of exploring the typography, I’ve been experimenting with ways to get custom fonts into all parts of the design.

Of course, I’m well familiar with dynamic text-replacement options. However, these are typically only suitable for titles, and not large amounts of body text, as rendering large swathes of text quickly becomes expensive. And so I started exploring @font-face. This is a relatively new CSS technique that involves linking to an actual font file on the internet somewhere, and letting the browser handle rendering of text into that font family. A few things I’ve learnt through this exploration:

As a side note, I elected to use Cufon for text-replacement in titles and headings. If all goes well, I may be deploying this new theme in a week or two!