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So, I’m sitting here, writing some notes for a meeting, and it’s just struck me how long it’s been since I actually wrote something with a pen. By write something, I don’t mean jotting down a shopping list or a phone number, I mean actually sit down and write 1000+ words.

I used to have bitch sessions when I was younger about how “grown-ups” writing was so hard to read. And I’m sorry to say, that my own writing has reached that very point. Maybe it’s because I’m a “grown-up” now (whatever that means), maybe it’s because I don’t read my own handwriting very often these days, hell — maybe it’s just because I have gammy fingers that don’t work properly any longer. Whatever it is, I am reading over my meeting notes, and they are barely legible. I can imagine that someone not familiar with my handwriting would have a pretty difficult time with it.

Good thing I can type, I guess!