New ConsoleWrapper version

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I took the time today to make a few small changes to ConsoleWrapper which should improve usability and stability, namely:

  • A simple caret to show cursor position and improve text editing capability — as well as the ability to use the expected left/right, home/end, and backspace/delete keys. Note that it currently displays as a | character inserted into the text, so it will push characters to the right of it across by one position. It didn’t seem too distracting in my testing however.
  • Improved stability when re-acquiring the graphics device. This should prevent crashes when another application temporarily takes full-screen possession of the device.
  • Added very basic Ctrl+C support. I still cannot pass keystrokes to my internal CMD process, and so I cannot yet provide true interrupt functionality. Ctrl+C will simply kill the current console and spawn a new one. This has the unsatisfactory behaviour of spewing a new set of startup text, and the current directory is also lost. This is a very temporary solution to a common request. Hopefully a more satisfactory solution can be found soon.

Download it here!