Google Chrome

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I’m writing this post from the Beta version of Google’s stab at a web browser — Google Chrome. So far it seems pretty nice. Key points for/against:

  • Chrome uses a unique model for its tabs. Each tab runs in an entirely new process (where in other browsers they may run in a new thread). This has many interesting ramifications, such as:
    • Less memory leaks — when you close a tab, any dead memory is wiped with it.
    • Greater stability — if one tab “crashes”, just close it — the rest of the browser soldiers on without problems, similar to closing a process within Windows.
    • Greater security — the individual tab processes can be run at a tighter security level than the overall browser process, to help keep malware at bay.
  • Chrome has introduced a new JavaScript engine called V8 — developed from scratch to be more conducive to large-scale JS applications. This thing is fast. Seriously. I ran Chrome and Firefox 2 through the Sunspider benchmark, and Chrome came out on top, almost 10 times faster. Full details here: chrome-js
  • On the downside, a new browser is always going to be distinctly lacking in extensions. I’m already missing the AdBlock Plus I’ve grown accustomed to on Firefox. However the browser is open-source so we’re likely to see these sorts of things appear in no time.

Get it here! Definitely worth a look, seems to have a lot of potential.